…End of the world?…End of the line?…End of the light?

No. It is „End of me!“

The new force from Stuttgart was already founded in 2018.

Diana – Vocals, Jens – Guitars, Benny – Guitars, Jonas – Bass, Kriss – Drums play groovy, straightforward, fast and heavy songs, delivering honest and emotional lyrics in the spirit of old and new metal-heroes.

Love, anger and delight are getting reissued into a new form and are coming right from the heart.

No technical shenanigans and no double bottom.

These five just found themselves. But every member already has earned his and her spurs. They all gathered experience from various bands and projects in different music genres. But when it comes to End of me, it seems like the only logical consequence of making music. The musical harbor in the ocean of chaos and a mix of creative elements.